Pro Excellence Sports Academy (PESA) is an award-winning community sports organisation that specialises in a wide range of sports and fitness related activities for people of all backgrounds. We provide institutions such as football clubs, schools, leisure centres, gyms and youths clubs, with a range of sports and fitness services. These include:

• Football coaching

• Multi sports coaching

• Gym and fitness instructing

• Boxing and Muay Thai Sessions

• Health and Diet coaching

• Personal Training Instructors

• Dance and Much More…..

We operate an elite football academy that provides young talent – professional footballers with potential, quality and professional training. We also provide a platform for young players to achieve their dreams of becoming a professional footballer by helping, coaching, supporting and marketing them to professional academies, scouts etc. We want them to get “Closer to Perfection, Closer to Success.” For more information, have a look at our Events/Projects page.

As a community sports organisation, PESA also offers charitable work in the community to empower every individual, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or disability. We give valuable life skills and advice, which is expressed through the involvement of sporting activities. Volunteering is a key element for us here at PESA, because it allows us to give back to the community and reach out to people who have been deprived of these activities.

Our aim is to make a difference in the lives of individuals, through the involvement of sporting activities.

For further insight into the services we offer, have a look at our Services Page.

For upcoming events and ongoing projects that PESA run, have a look at our Events/Projects Page.